Purchase and sale of receivables (outstanding debts)

Nowadays – when the economy stagnates, when the state aid is not so quick and not so complex as certain entrepreneurs would wish, when such status is reflected adversely on financial situation of the creditors, but mainly deepens problems of the debtors – each crown is more needed than ever. Entrepreneurs have even existence problems with the debtors and unpaid receivables (debts).

Growth of receivables can indicate, besides the overall tense situation in the company, even reduction of the disposable funds of company. This fact can result in forced reduction of investment into development of new products and services and their launching, into new technologies, staff education etc.

These consequences can have a significant impact on loss of market position and thus on prosperity of the company. In the worse case this fact can result in insolvency or even in winding up of the company in not a few cases.

Based on the facts above, long-time experience and in cooperation with several investors, the CCF Reality s.r.o. company offers an effective solution – the product named Receivables Buy-Back. The costs for solution of the receivables (outstanding debts), i.e. search for the debtor, his addressing, negotiations with him, shall be  settled fully by the company CCF s.r.o. By transferring the debt, you will receive cash within a short time period and within the maximum possible amount with respect to the nominal value of your receivable.